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Tay Stationary (Shaoxing) Co., Ltd

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Tay Stationary established on March, 2005 and stepped into sporting goods manufacturing in 2010.

Main products: 
1.Portable Inflatable Goal series: inflatable goal is a completely portable, extremely safe product, the goal equipment can be packed into a special design bag, football enthusiasts can carry this bag to any lawn and inflate it into a football goal of the game specification within one minute, making football game easier and safer. Football enthusiasts can truly enjoy the fun of playing anytime, anywhere. The product uses the best quality environmental-friendly materials which make it healthier, while solving the hidden dangers of iron gate collision, and has become the best choice for many campus football sports in developed countries.

2.Inflatable LED light series: uses portable 12V rechargeable battery energy, tailor-made Osram 2400 lumens to 6000 lumens of LED environmental-protecting lighting equipment; up to 3.5 meters high inflatable column, making the night outdoor sports and parties no longer subject to dark trouble.

We have developed more sports training-related products, such as flat markers, agile circle, training hurdles, environmental protecting rope skipping and others.Pls turn to official website for more products. 
Ms. Vivian Zhu
Address: Building 9, ZhongYa Industry Park, RenDu, DongHu Town, YueCheng District, ShaoXing, ZheJiang Province, P.R.China
Tel: +86-575-88776288
Email: vivian.zhu@taysports.com
China Sport Show 2020 Booth No.:5.1E017, Hall 5.1

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