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Guangzhou Bojia Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd

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Guangzhou Bojia Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of fitness and outdoor sports accessories based in Guangzhou of Guangdong Province. Main products are beach towels, bath towels, outdoor Picnic Mat, swimming towel, sports towel, marathon running towel, fast-dry fitness towel, climbing towel, cooling towel, cycling fast-dry Towel, Yoga Mat towel, Yoga Mat towel, Yoga Mat, golf towel, event pack, yoga bag and so on.

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1.Golf Towel

2.Yoga Towel/Yoga Mat

3.Quick-drying Towel

Email: junyi.gong@126.com 
Mobile: +86-13711684114
Online store: https://manxiangli.1688.com/

China Sport Show 2020 Booth No. 1.2C405 of Hall 1.2

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