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Aide Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

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Aide Technology is a technology-oriented enterprise focusing on personnel identification and event management. We are committed to building a connected Internet of Things management system, creating digital management software for all walks of life, and provide all kinds of software and hardware integrated solutions.
Started from the medical industry, Aide quickly established an excellent industry reputation, with the initial successful experience, gradually entered the sports, scenic spots, playgrounds, exhibitions,
performances and other industries, customers in more than 200 countries around the world. Now it has grown into a high-tech enterprise, obtained ISO9001 international quality system certification, has more than 20 patented technologies and software copyrights, and has entered the Grand Park of Science and Technology Innovation.
Aide Technology adheres to the needs of customers, continuously develops and innovates, and creates more and more valuable products for customers. Since its establishment, it has successively launched medical personnel identification and printing software, event timing system, smart ticket management system, conference sign-in interactive management system, ticket purchase seat management system, etc., providing professional services for users in various industries, a comprehensive function experience, precision Detailed product features.
Creating with a caring attitude is the constant business philosophy of Aide Technology. Taking the customer as the center, caring for the growth of employees, paying attention to the improvement of customer use value, constantly exploring and solving practical problems.
Aide Technology appreciates the opportunities brought by the times, hoping to contribute a little to society, and hopes to bring some beautiful changes to the country and the world.
Here are our two timing systems.
Aitimi Timing System for Physical Ability Testing of Middle-distance Race
The chronograph middle and long distance running test timing system was independently developed by Aide Technology and has obtained software copyright. Adopt international advanced radio frequency identification technology, and flexibly set a variety of running test standards according to the requirements of physical training assessment of military forces, government administrative agencies, schools and other institutions. Not limited by the weather site, remote trigger the system host to start timing by electronic starter gun or timing antenna. The timing host accurately records the time passed by the assessor through the timing point, and can be connected to a large screen to display the progress such as time and laps in real time. Automatic statistics, all information data can be exported for editing.
Aide creates products with demanding requirements to meet the special requirements of mid- and long-distance running assessments on the diversity of assessment environments, equipment durability, timing accuracy, and efficient management of assessments.

Aitimi Road Race Timing System
Independently developed by Aide Technology, with software copyright. Aitimi has an excellent and passionate team. After scientific market research, it adopts international advanced RFID radio frequency identification technology, and devotes itself to creating easy-to-use but powerful timing management software, which combines precision and durable information acquisition hardware and waterproof timing The chip provides accurate, efficient, fair and just timing management solutions for sports activities such as road races. Focusing on customer needs, think about what you think, do what you need, and tailor the optimal configuration for the event, make the event timing more accurate, make the event more fair, and let organizers and participants have a higher quality experience.

China Sport Show 2020 Booth No.5.2F125 of Hall No.5.2.
Email: sales@aidegroup.cn
Website: http://www.aidegroup.cn
Online store: https://ideawristband.en.alibaba.com
Tel: +86-20-84121750
Fax: +86-20-84121760
Mobile: +8618929554061
Whatsapp: +8613035725628

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