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  • U-CROWN INDUSTRIAL GROUP-Powerful Supplier From China For Sports Industry2017-11-16
  • YiZhou seating introducing Hollow Blowing Technology into plastic stadium seating producing2017-11-16
  • Introduction of Nanjing Feineng2017-11-16
  • Over 1000 Companies has applied for booth at China Sport Show 20182017-10-24
  • Preparatory Meeting of CSGF Wushu Professional Committee Held in Beijing2017-10-20
  • China's Post-90s Generation Has Become Core Consumers of the New Sport Market2017-10-20
  • Focusing on Plastic Runway and Debated Industry Standards2017-10-16
  • Added Value of the Sporting Goods Industry in China Surpassed 300 Billion Yuan2017-10-16
  • Release of 18 National Standards for Physical Education Including Requirements on the Common Security2017-10-16
  • Four-point Judgment on the Development Trend of Nationwide Fitness Promotion by Li Hua, Chairman of C2017-10-09
  • Six Proposals on Transformation and Upgrading of the Sporting Goods Industry Presented by Zhao Yong, 2017-10-09
  • Pooling the Strength of Sport Reform to Explore the Transformation and Upgrading of Adolescent Sports2017-09-29
  • Five Types of Brilliant Activities in China Sport Show 20172017-09-29
  • Air-dome and Assembly Type Structure — Manifest Rise of Innovative Stadiums2017-09-22
  • Highlights of Fitness Equipment Zone in China Sport Show 2017: At the Forefront of Intelligence2017-09-22
  • 65% Exhibition Area of China Sport Show 2018 occupied2017-09-12
  • CSGF met with NSGA2017-08-04
  • Representatives of CSGF participated in WFSGI Bi-Annual Meeting 20172017-08-04
  • CSGF had meeting with CCSF2017-08-04
  • Representatives of CSGF visited Fortius Sports and Health Center2017-08-04
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