China Sport Show 2018 comes to a close, sport intelligentization presents new normal
Source:China News
Release time:2018-09-25

Intellectualized transformation became one of the highlights on China Sport Show 2018 which was closed on May 30, where a lot of manufacturers and solution providers specializing in sports equipment showed their state-of-the-art intelligentized physical fitness products in 2017 and 2018.Recent days have seen the sporting goods industry upgrade from manufacture to creation and intelligentization and the intelligentized physical fitness equipment now has come into the main trend. The Analysis Report of the Prospects and Investment Strategy Planning of Sporting Goods Industry demonstrates the growth rate of the sales of the sports equipment industry will hit 15% from 2017 to 2022, with more than 340 billion yuan by 2022. The intelligentized products will experience the highest increase.

Intelligentized functions of sporting goods will not only develop the special product markets suitable for sports of different types, but also provide customized sports service to meet the users’ demand and upgrade the sports experience by virtue of highintelligence and high technology, in order to provide the users with the one-stop service of plan making, fitness instructions, interactive entertainment and online evaluation. Apart from sporting goods industry, the sports places are also becoming intelligentized under the influence of "Sports + Internet". As shown by the exhibits on the site, intelligent gyms, intelligent sports parks and other sports places are being built and popularized. Traditional gyms will provide the integrated intelligent sports service through introducing intelligent management mode covering the entire sports place and provide such service as big data management and sports instruction via APP and the intelligent sports equipment and fitness management platform in order to fulfill efficient, scientific and convenient physical fitness.

Furthermore, fitness sharing has scaled new height under the development of sharing economy and the intelligent transformation of the sports industry. First-tier cities Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen have been equipped with the sharing fitness gyms with intelligent systems, sports equipment and management devices, which provide many sports equipment, including intelligent exercise bicycles, treadmills, and free weights, to allow users to have special intelligent sports experience. Basketball sharing at the show will also bring a new increment market to the sharing economy.

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