Running Boosting as a Result of National Fitness Program
Source:China Sport Show
Release time:2018-02-24

Since the State Council released the "National Fitness Program" in 2016, the macro-policy has continued to pay attention to and support the national sports industry and national fitness building. With the improvement of national fitness awareness guided by the policy, running as a moderate exercise which intensity with low infrastructure requirements are expected to further promote the development of the mobile application market.

In 2017, there is a vast potential market for running applications in China. On the one hand, national policy guidance and national economic growth have stimulated people's quest for a healthy lifestyle or personal image, boosting the nation's fitness enthusiasm and running as the simplest sport of choice. On the other hand, current running enthusiasts are mainly white-collar workers or young people in coastal areas or in large and medium-sized cities. Because running need a certain sporting skills and sports knowledge, running injuries are also significantly increased with the running fever.

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