Walking is still the most popular activity in England
Source:China Sport Show
Release time:2018-10-01

The Third Active lives Adult Survey Report summarizing activity levels, released by the England sports council on 22 March 2018, summarizes the development of public sport in England between November 2016 and N0vember 2017.The graphics below show the activities we include - and when they count (for adults aged 16+).

Our data shows, Walking is still the most popular activity in England in 2018, with 18.6 million people enjoying walking, an increase of 300,000. There were 14.5 million hiking, an increase of 423, 000.

According to the survey data, 20%of people exercise at home and 75% at leisure/fitness centers or gyms. By contrast, the number of swimmers and cyclists fell, with the number of regular swimmers dropping by nearly 283,000 and the number of cyclists falling by 93,000. Adventure became more popular, with 337, 000 more people taking part in mountain hiking, rock climbing, rope drop, directional cross-country or aerial ropework.

Whilst activity levels have fallen slightly among the two age groups covering 16-34 years old, with fewer achieving 150+ minutes a week, 75% of young people reman active. In contrast, activity levels have increased slightly among the 55-64 and 65- 74 age groups. this chapter presents data broken down by activity group and looks at those who have participated at least twice in the last 28 days. Adults achieving 150+ minutes of activity a week do so through a blend of activities.

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