Tracking the fitness movement
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Release time:2018-10-08

A total of 24,134 online interviews were completed by a nationwide sample of bothindividuals (N=11,453) and households (N=12,681). Each survey consisted of severalquestions regarding the participant’s involvement in a variety of physical activitiesduring 2016. These activities ranged from team sports to individual fitness, withquestions covering frequency of activity, preferred venue of activity, and participationin organized events.

Physical Activity in 2016

Overall, how active was the U.S. population 2016? The majority—a full 72.5%of Americans age 6 and over—classified themselves as Active. Some 3.2% saidthey were Newly Active; and 1.9% admitted that they were Formerly Active, asthey had stopped exercising in the last 12 months. More than one quarter—27.5%—described themselves as Inactive. These figures closely resemble thosefor 2015 and 2014.

Top 20 Activities by Participation

In terms of Overall Participation in the U.S., which activities were the mostpopular in 2016? Seven ranked high on the list: Walking for Fitness— whichtakes little equipment and can be done by just about anyone, just aboutanywhere— was #1 with 36.4%. Next came the Treadmill at 17.5%, FreeWeights (Dumbbells/Hand Weights) at 17.4%, Running/Jogging at 16.0%,Stationary Cycling (Recumbent or Upright) at 12.2%, Weight/ ResistanceMachines at 12.1%, and Stretching at 11.4%.

Health Club Membership by Year

What has been the trend been for Health Club membership in recent years? In2011, as the U.S. was climbing out of the Great Recession, 51.3 million Americans belonged to Health Clubs. Since that time, as one might expect, club membership was been on the upswing, with the exception of a slight dip in 2012. In 2016, 57.3 million Americans belonged to Health Clubs, a gain of 6million members over six years.

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