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Nearly 50 percent Of Gym Goers Would Give Up Pizza/Alcohol To Maintain Weight Goals

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Article From:SGB MEDIA
A survey of members of the Life Time fitness club finds nearly 50 percent would give up alcohol or pizza forever in order to stay at their goal weight/physique.
Women favored giving up pizza while men favored giving up alcohol. Among other sacrifices, 1.5 percent said they would be willing to give up sex, while 11 percent would give up caffeine. Nineteen percent noted they wouldn’t be willing to give up anything at all.
When it comes to motivation, 11 percent of respondents admitted their main motivating factor was “doing it for the ‘gram,” a reference to an Instagram selfie. Similarly, 30 percent were motivated by their own self-image. And, 44 percent noted health concerns as the number one reason motivating them to lose weight in the New Year.
Additional highlights of the survey results include:
More than 66 percent of respondents say they feel healthier now than they did 5 years ago.
47 percent of respondents note working out in small group setting (less than 20 people) would be the most motivating, 21 percent say working out by themselves is the most motivating and 19 percent noted working out with a friend would motivate them the most; women favored small group workouts while men favored working out with a friend.
47 percent of respondents feel the hardest commitment to stick with is a wellness/fitness routine, 33 percent noted a subscription service (i.e. meal service delivery), and cable TV tied with marriage with 8 percent of respondents noting they could be the hardest commitments to stick with long term.
99 percent of respondents feel working out is good for their mental health, and 97 percent of respondents noted that working out helped to relieve stress. These results support growing research about the benefits of exercise and its role in overall well-being.
When asked about which area of the health club intimidates them the most? 37 percent noted weights followed by 17 percent noting group fitness and 14 percent noting yoga. Women were most intimidated by weights while men by yoga.
Life Time conducted the survey as part of its annual promise to help American’s commit to One Positive Action through Commitment Day, which launched on January 1, 2013, as a nationwide movement to inspire and encourage positive change. Since then, hundreds of thousands have participated in making a commitment to better their health, communities and selves.
Commitment Day 2020 events will be held across Life Time’s 150 athletic resorts in the United States now through January 5 with complimentary fitness and family workout classes as well as a 5K on January 1 and an Indoor Triathlon on January 5 at participating locations. Life Time clubs are also open to the public during this time.
Life Time operates 150 destinations in 40 major markets in the U.S. and Canada.

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