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The WHO just released specific mask guidance for kids as they gear up to return to school: children 12 and older should wear them as adults do

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Article From:businessinsider

As kids across the country gear up to return to school, the World Health Organization released long-awaited guidance on whether they should wear masks.
It's been a point of confusion for parents amid the coronavirus pandemic since most kids get mild symptoms, but nearly 100,000 tested positive at the end of July, according to the Mayo Clinic and American Academy of Pediatrics and Children's Hospital Association.
There's also the inflammatory syndrome associated with coronavirus infections, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that's killed at least 10 children in the US.Advertisement
The WHO brought together a multidisciplinary group to evaluate coronavirus transmission in children, which released three recommendations on August 21 for mask-wearing depending on their precise age group, a document shows.
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Notably, the WHO said that children aged five years and under shouldn't be required to wear masks. That's based on the overall interest of the kid, including "psychosocial needs" and the fact that they're not able to use masks without a lot of assistance.

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