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China Sport Show 2019 Roadshow held in Yongkang Zhejiang

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China Sport Show 2019 Roadshow was held in Linyi of Shandong Province on 24th October and in Yongkang of Zhejiang Province on 14th November.

Mr. Li Hua, President of China Sporting Goods Federation (hereinafter referred to as CSGF), Ms. Hou Qiuling, Deputy General Secretary of CSGF, officials of Yongkang Municipal Government and Sports Bureau and nearly 100 representatives of local CSGF member companies participated the event.

Delegation of CSGF visited some local sporting goods manufacturers.

Sporting goods industry of Yongkang has formed a certain scale with characteristic. The products are up to date and cost-effective. In all the 1446 exhibitors of China Sport Show 2018, 130 (nearly 10%) are from Yongkang. Main products are fitness equipment, trampoline, roller-skating and scooters. Most of the manufacturers are selling products to overseas market and some of them have overseas service teams.

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