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OIA Protests Tariff Threats

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Patricia Rojas-Ungar, vice president of government affairs at Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), issued a statement criticizing the Trump administration’s threat to raise tariffs higher and order U.S. companies to exit China.
The statement read, “Enough with the shoot from the hip trade war tactics, this last-minute tit for tat escalation of tariffs is hurting our consumers and businesses. Everything from jackets to backpacks to hiking boots will see increases in tariffs of up to 30 percent. American outdoor industry businesses are running out of wiggle room and are being forced to make drastic decisions – from hiring fewer new employees to closing — this has to stop and real trade negotiations need to begin in earnest. These knee-jerk reactions have long-term devastating impacts on Americans, we need Congress to stand up for its constituents.”
Article From:SGB Media

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