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Life Fitness, Armah Sports Co. Enter Multi-Year Agreement

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:03-Oct-2019Clicks:
Article From:SGB Media
Commercial fitness equipment maker Life Fitness and Saudi Arabia-based fitness company Armah Sports Co. on Thursday announced they have entered into an exclusive, multi-year agreement whereby Life Fitness will fulfill all the equipment needs of the company’s 50 new smart sports clubs planned for roll-out in Saudi Arabia over the next five years.
As part of the partnership, Life Fitness and Armah Sports will work together in building the smart club concept including fitness equipment and advanced fitness technology.
Chris Clawson, CEO, Life Fitness, said “We are excited to forge this new partnership with Armah Sports Company and we look forward to continuing our goal of creating an improved and connected experience for exercises seeking to meet their fitness goals through innovative cardio, strength and group fitness solutions.”
Fahad Al-Haqbani, CEO, Armah Sports, said: “As we work to change the way people think about their health, sports and wellness, we vowed to engage the best of the fitness industry in the development of our 50 new smart clubs in Saudi Arabia. We are excited to join forces with Life Fitness in this venture, as they continue to raise the bar in fitness innovation and connectivity.”

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