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Travel & Traffic
Arrive in Shanghai To the Expo Center

By Subway


    Subway Line 2 Xujingdong Station (F)

    Exit 4 &5 is directly to the badge counters and ticket house (west)

By Bus


    To Subway Line2 Xujingdong Stop (G):

    Line No. 503; Line No. 865; Line No. 710;

    Line Xujing No. 2 (徐泾2路空调车); Line Xujing No. 4(徐泾4路空调车)

    Line Qingfengxu (青凤徐专线空调车), Line Baixu (白徐线空调车), Line Zhuxu (朱徐线公交车)


    To Zhuguang Lu Panzhongdong Lu Stop (H):

    Line Xujing No. 4(徐泾4路空调车); Line No. 197.

By Car


    Parking Lot is at the north square of the expo center (P).

    Please enter from Gate No. 10 (G10) of the expo center.

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