Introduction of Shenzhen OYI
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Release time:2018-01-15

  OYI (Shenzhen OYI Sports Goods Co., Ltd) has been one of professional suppliers in circle of China sports court since 1996.

  OYI adheres to adopt the original professional technology and services many project contractors in the fields of pre-sales, sales, after-sales; And OYI gradually integrates into sales marketing for the five ITF acrylic latex and related products in tennis courts.

  OYI is committed to be in the exchange of communication between Chinese and foreign counterparts in building sports courts , and constantly promotes the domestic customers advanced high-quality surface materials and professional equipments. OYI mainly deal in construction for sports surfaces and wholesale for acrylic latex and professional equipments. It is a certain market influence such as DecoTurf , Plexipave, OYI , Tennislife ,Shell, Shine and Court-1 etc.

  OYI welcome more sports goods manufacturers abroad to enter into China market and we’ll promote your competitive products firstly with hundreds of our old customers.

  Address:L,M,24F,Block A,Fortune Plaza,7002# Shennan Blvd,Shenzhen

  Tel No: 0755-83021626                Fax:0755-83021616             

  • Telephone:+86-10-87108881 ext 435


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