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How to Register as Visitor and Obtain Visa Invitation Letter

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:2018-03-22Clicks:

Using PC, pls kind to click here to complete visitor registration

Complete the form of Step 1& Step 2 and click NEXT to Questionnaire

Complete Questionnaire and Click Submit

Complete the form for Visa Invitation Letter, then click Submit to the next step.


1. Do remember to select the right embassy or consulate office in which you would like your visa invitation letter to be issued.

2. All the information you input should be same as what is shown in your passport.

3. If you don’t need a visa invitation letter, pls click Skip at the bottom of the page.

Click the buttons to enter visitor center, check the information and print out confirmation letter and visa Invitation Letter.

More Functions of Visitor Center

1. Information modification and password change

2. Use Matchmaking system to arrange a meeting with exhibitors at their booth.

For detailed instruction, pls kind to click here

3. Register For friends:

Click Group Registration-follow the instruction to register for others.


Using smart phone, pls kind to click here or scan the following QR code to complete visitor registration.

Click Pre-register Now to start your registration.

Complete Step 1 to get a new account and Click Submit

Complete Step 2 for your information

Complete the questionnaire

Save the screen shot on which there is a QR code and claim your visitor badge at site by providing the QR code.

Click Visitor Center, then clickat upper right of the page for more function.

Visa invitation letter function and matchmaking system is not ready on smartphone end at present. Pls log-in on PC end if you want to get a visa invitation letter or make an appointment with exhibitors.

For on-site guide, pls kind to click here.


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