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If you have any cargo from overseas you need to ship to Chengdu as exhibit of China Sport Show 2024 (not for sale and will be shipped back to the origin country), Pls kind to contact the designated Forwarder of China Sport Show 2024.
Company Name: Zonglian Exhibition Logistics
Contact: Ms. Liu Jinwen
Cell: +86-18108124736
Company Tel: +86-28-64575997
23rd – 26th MAY, 2019
National Exhibition and Convention Centre (Shanghai), China
Freight Forwarding, Lifting & Handling Contractor, please contact:
Room 606-607, Office Tower B NECC, 
No. 181 Lai Gang Road, Qing Pu District, Shanghai, China
Postcode: 201702
Tel: (86 21) 5870 8717
Fax: (86 21) 5870 8719
Contact: Mr. James Wu  E-mail: james.wu@expotransworld.com 
               Mr. Bruce Qi E-mail: bruce.qi@expotransworld.com
Room 706-707, 7th Floor, Star House,
3 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, HKSAR
Tel: (852) 2730 1868
Fax: (852) 2730 1878
Contact: Mr. Andy Chan       E-mail: andy.chan@expotransworld.com
              Mr. Tommy Seto E-mail: tommy.seto@expotransworld.com
Room 1705, No.17 Building, No.39 Jian Wai SOHO,
East 3rd-Ring Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing P.R. China
Post Code: 100022
Tel: (86 10) 5869 5300
Fax: (86 10) 5869 0067
Contact: Mr. Tony Li E-mail: tony.li@expotransworld.com
              Ms. Olivia Xie E-mail: olivia.xie@expotransworld.com
Room 503, Guang An Building, No. 328 Huanshi Dong Lu, Guangzhou, China
Post Code: 510060
Tel: (86 20) 8365 2984, 8365 2954
Fax: (86 20) 8365 2654
Contact: Mr. Macro Liu     E-mail: marco.liu@expotransworld.com
              Ms. Cathy Cha E-mail: cathy.cha@expotransworld.com
A. Documentation Fee – RMB500.00/exhibitor/consignment 
      1.From arrival vessel Shanghai Port/Airport upto delivered exhibitor stand, unpacking, customs clearance and removal of empty packing material: 
      a. Ocean Freight – RMB495.00/cbm, 
      Minimum: RMB1,000.00 for seafreight LCL consignment; 23cbm for 20’standard dry container; 46cbm for 40’ GP container; 50cbm for 40’HC or OT container. 
      b. Airfreight – RMB5.40/kg (Min.150kgs/exhibitor/consignment)
      2. Freight Transfer From Other Exhibitions 
      Collection from customs bonded area up to delivered stand, including customs registration, unpacking, removal and storage of empty cases – RMB1,500.00/cbm
      3.   Heavy Lift Surcharges: 
      2,000 – 4,000kgs. – RMB38.00/100kgs. 
      4,001 – 6,000kgs. – RMB55.00/100kgs. 
      6,001 – 8,000kgs. – RMB68.00/100kgs. 
      Over 8,000kgs. – Subject to quote. 
      Note: Courier shipment is not recommended subject to new Customs regulation. Courier shipment handling will be subject to administration surcharge.
C. OUTBOUND CHARGES - Same as Inbound. 
D. Additional charges 
      1.Translation fee – RMB35.00/page/case (Minimum charge: RMB105.00/exhibitor/consignment)
      2.Advertising material censorship fee (Printed matter, booklet, flyer and etc.): RMB210.00/per exhibitor/shipment
      3.Fill-in the H.S No. on "LOE" Form: RMB40.00/page
      4.Customs censorship: RMB135.00/item
      5.Surcharge for House AWB/OBL: RMB580.00/HAWB/HOBL
      6.EDI customs handling fee: RMB350.00/exhibitor/consignment 
      7.CIQ Charges (Applicable for Inward and Outward) Break bulk cargoes: RMB40.00/case
      (Min. RMB200.00/exhibitor/consignment)
      20’container: RMB525.00/20’
      40’container: RMB1,050.00/40’
      8.Customs Bonded Permit – RMB770.00/application 
      9.Storage charge for early arrival before deadlines at Shanghai Terminal: 
      By Sea (Cargo arriving prior to our deadline) 
      - FCL Cargo – RMB90.00/teu/day 
      - LCL Cargo – RMB75.00/cbm/day (Min. RMB150.00/exhibitor/shipment) 
      By Air (Cargo arriving prior to our deadline) – RMB2.80/kg/day (Min. RMB200.00/exhibitor/shipment)
10.Bonded warehouse storage 
      - By Sea – RMB8.00/cbm/day (Min. 1cbm) /exhibitor/shipment
      - By Air – RMB0.15/kg/day (Min. 120kgs/exhibitor/shipment)
      Warehouse In/Out handling: RMB60.00/cbm (Min. 1cbm)
      The cost will be charged for the time from arriving vessel/plane in Shanghai to the first day of the move-in and for the time from last day of the move out period to the time of dispatching in Shanghai by vessel/plane.
11.Quarantine Inspection Charges: 
      a.Per Non-wooden packing case – RMB50.00/piece (Min. 2items/exhibitor/consignment)  
      b.Per Wooden case or skid or pallet – RMB55.00/piece (Min. 2items/exhibitor/consignment)
      c.20’ container – RMB850.00/20’ 
      d.40’ container – RMB930.00/40’ 
      e.Other charges for treatment will be charged accordingly at cost, if any 
            **Items (a & b) are applicable to LCL shipment
            **Items (a - d) are applicable to FCL shipment
12.Terminal Handling Charges 
      LCL Sea Shipment – RMB415.00/cbm (Minimum RMB1,245.00/consignment)
      FCL Sea Shipment – RMB3,100.00/20’, RMB4,100.00/40’ 
      Air Shipment – RMB3.50/kg (Min. RMB1,050/AWB/exhibitor) 
      Air Shipment sent under House AWB – RMB620.00/shipment
      Incorrect consignee – RMB1,000.00/shipment
      D/O fee/ co-loader fee per carriers: per outlay +10% Re-imbursement fee
13.Oversize surcharge
      For any size of individual pieces with dimensions exceeding L600cm, W220cm, H220cm. 
            1 dimension exceeding: 30% per basic handling services
            2 dimensions exceeding: 60% per basic handling services
            3 dimensions exceeding: 90% per basic handling services
14.Handling charge for hand-carried cargo detained in airport – document, pick up & delivery: RMB1,500.00/shipment
15.Return of empty container to destination terminal and or arrange an empty container from Port Shanghai to show site for loading of goods for return: RMB2,000.00/20’ CONTAINER, RMB3,050.00/40’ CONTAINER 
16.Container Detention On-site 
      If exhibitors use shippers own containers or request us to unload and retain their container on-site, charges for the space rental is RMB360.00/teu/day excluded cartage to unload and reload units. 
17.Equipment & manpower for installation of machines (Quoted to be based on normal working hours) 
            i. Rate for up to 3-tons capacity: RMB580.00/4 hours 
            ii. Rate for up to 5-tons capacity: RMB630.00/4 hours
      b)Mobile Crane: Quoted upon request
      c)On-site local labour: RMB180.00/4 hours  (Min. 4 hours/labour)
            **Weekends, holiday and overtime work will be double charged.
            **Charge for one extra worker is included for each forklift.
            **Charge for two extra workers is included for each crane.
18. Empty container demurrage charges: As per shipping company outlay

      Remarks: Exhibitors have to pay the container demurrage charges as from date of arrival vessel till show opening date under the circumstance that exhibitor not require to keep the container for return. If exhibitor requires keeping the container for return shipment, container demurrage charges will be     debited to exhibitor till date of vessel departure. 
19. Closing services & Sold/Abandon/Consumed exhibits: 
      a.Closing Service and delivery from Booth to fairground 
      - By Sea freight inward – RMB380.00/cbm (Min. RMB600.00/exhibitor/shipment)
      - By Air freight inward – RMB5.20/kg (Min. 120kgs/exhibitor/shipment)
      b.Cartage from fairground to delivered Customs Bonded Warehouse for storage
      - By Sea freight inward – RMB335.00/cbm (Min. RMB500.00/exhibitor/shipment) 
      - By Air freight inward – RMB4.45/kg (Min. 120kgs/exhibitor/shipment) 
      c.CIQ Documentation and Clearance for Sold Exhibits (General exhibits only)
       RMB1,000.00/contract for CIQ List of Sold Exhibits 
      d.Charges for on-site Abandon/Disposal/Consumed goods if it is permitted by Customs and CIQ: RMB1,000.00
       (Taxes/Duties per outlay + 10% re-imbursement fee)
      e.Customs/CIQ Inspection (If need): RMB3,350.00/consignment
20. Additional handling charge for shipment shipping to Yang Shan Port
      LCL: RMB40.00/cbm (Min. RMB800.00/handling)
      FCL - 20' Container: RMB1,650.00/20'
      FCL - 40' Container: RMB2,505.00/40'
21. Customs Bond Re-imbursement Fee
      Exhibitors shall pay for the guarantee bond for exhibits not covered by ATA carnet. If Expotransworld is required to pay on exhibitor’s behalf, Expotransworld will charge 1% of the CIF cargo value per month as re-imbursement fee (min. charge RMB1,200.00/shipment/exhibitor)
22. All the charges occurred in China will subject to 6% VAT.
1.Shipment under ATA Carnet administration fee of RMB980.00 per Carnet. 
2.If shipment under temporary import by LOE, 3% of the CIF value will be charged as deposit commission, min. RMB980.00/consignment
3.23cbm for 20’ standard dry container, 46cbm for 40’ standard dry container & 50cbm for 40’ high cube container
4.Minimum: 120kgs for airfreight consignment
5.Volume/Weight Conversion for airfreight 6cbm is equal to 1,000kgs. 
6.Volume/Weight Conversion for rail/sea-freight 3cbm is equal to 1,000kgs.
7.There will be surcharge for handling of dangerous, frozen and valuable cargo at 100% on inward and outward movement. Empty container demurrage charges – per outlay cost. Notes: Exhibitors have to pay the container demurrage charges as from date of arrival vessel till show opening date under the circumstance that exhibitor not require to keep the container for return. If exhibitor requires keeping the container for return shipment, container demurrage charges will be debited to exhibitor till date of vessel departure.
8.For cargo that arrives after deadlines, a surcharge amounting to 30% of inbound movement charges and on-site service charges will be levied, minimum RMB780.00/exhibitor/consignment.
9.Taxes/Duties – per outlay cost + 10% re-imbursement fee.
10.All business is transacted subject to the conditions of trading and carriage of our company.
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