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 China Sport Show 2019 Overseas Buyer Group Plan 

  Application forms with supporting documents should be submitted on time to

  Deadline of application: 31st March, 2019

  List Release Date: 15th April, 2019

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  Application Form-China Sport Show 2019 Overseas Buyer Group


-  Requirements:

  The organizer of buyer group shall contact the sponsor for qualification assessment prior to forming the group;

  There should be 5 persons in one buyer group;

  Each member shall be insider of the related industry;

  Complete the application form for overseas group buyers correctly;

  Submit flight booking record, scanned copy of business license, passport and employment certificate, as well as company introduction of each group member.


-  Obligations:

  Arrive at the designated hotel on schedule, complete the registration formalities and collect the exhibition materials;

  The average time for the group members to stay in the exhibition hall shall be more than 8 hours;

  Venue tour to selected exhibition zones should be arranged upon your request;

  The group members shall complete visitor survey table.


-  Services:

  VIP kit with entry badges, exhibition brochure, visitor guide, and necessary stationary for each company;

  Business communication with selected exhibitors should be arranged upon your request;

  Snacks and beverage in VIP lounge.


-  Incentives for organizer:

  The organizer of the buyer group will receive 200 RMB from organizer committee of China Sport Show if the group is permitted and fulfill all the obligations mentioned above.

  Organizer committee of China Sport Show will only make the wire transfer after checking the access data and visitor survey.

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