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Dear Buyer, 
As it is hard to estimate the global epidemic situation in September, we are considering some changes on the hospitality of the VIP buyers. So VIP application is closed temporarily. Organizer will release official notice when the new rules are set. The submitted applications will be effective and if there are any further documents needed, organizer will send notice promptly.
Overseas VIP Buyer Plan
The visitors who had attended China Sport Show for 5 times or above or who had attended China Sport Show for at least 3 consecutive times would be invited. Application forms with supporting documents should be submitted on time to
Deadline of application: 31st March, 2020
List Release Date: 15th April, 2020
Pls click to download
Application requirements: 
1)Applicants shall be insiders of the related industry, and shall have attended the China Sport Show for 5 times or above or attended China Sport Show for at least 3 consecutive times; 
2)Submit the completely and clearly filled application form with 100% real information; 
3)Submit scanned copy of business license, passport, employment certificate and flight booking record as well as company introduction. If your files are in your native language, pls also submit an English translation copy.
4)Pls complete visitor registration first and put your account name on 
application form. This is very important. Pls click here to complete visitor pre-registration.


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