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VIP Application

Who can apply?
Main responsible persons or business decision-makers of overseas sports goods industry brand agents, distributors, chain retail stores, e-commerce platforms, import and export trade companies, chain fitness clubs, sports rehabilitation institutions, sports venue operation and construction companies, etc. Overseas companies with the same office address or the same company legal person will not be provided with duplicate benefits.

VIP Buyer Benefits:
(1) Free accommodation for three nights in a standard room or a large bed room at the designated hotel appointed by the organizing committee, limited to a maximum of two people per room;
(2) Shuttle bus service between the exhibition center and the designated hotel;
(3) A set of VIP buyer tools for each company, including visitor badges, visitor guide, and other essential materials for visiting the exhibition;
(4) Two days of lunch vouchers at the exhibition center, with a maximum of two people per company.

VIP Buyer Obligations:
(1) Check into the designated hotel on time, complete the check-in procedures, and collect the exhibition materials;
(2) Visit the exhibition for at least two days during the exhibition days, with a total stay time in the exhibition hall of no less than 8 hours;
(3) Participate in the one-to-one business matchmaking meeting organized by the organizer;
(4) Complete the visitor survey form;
(5) Accept the media interview arranged by the organizer (before or after the exhibition).

Application Requirements:
(1) Buyers must complete the online application form and submit proof of personal identity, employment verification, and company business license documents;
(2) No instances of unexcused absence, non-attendance, or non-participation in business matchmaking events in the last editions of China Sport Show;
(3) We will conduct a public notice to exhibitors before officially announcing the list. If an exhibitor reports that a buyer has previously had breach of contract behaviors such as unexcused cancellation of orders or overdue payments, we will consider the exhibitor's feedback.
Application Deadline: April 19th (Friday)

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