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【Company Information】Li-Ning Adjusted Business Mode and Entered

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:30-Oct-2015Clicks:

  Recently, it was said by that Li-Ning had entered and opened its flagship store. Li-Ning was the first sport brand to do this.

  In 2011, Li-Ning did not perform well and was considered to fall behind competitors due to its obscure positioning in domestic market. Recently, Li-Ning adjusted its management staff and business mode, in order to improve profit structure and channel, retail efficiency and investment return.

  It was obvious that the cooperation with showed that Li-Ning did not rely heavily on store sale channel. With the development of domestic sport brands, the competition was from stores to online sale channels. It was necessary to establish unique online sale channels and take online market share.

  As for the cooperation with Li-Ning, Mr. Li Bin, Vice-president of, said that it was important because expanded its categories. Among the first signed non-electronic brands, 90% were famous brands. The characteristics of were excellent quality, boutique, fashion and famous brands.

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