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【Company Information】Xtep Launches Individualized Customization and DIY System

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:30-Oct-2015Clicks:

  In the second quarter order-placing meeting of 2013, Xtep launches online DIY Design System. Some experts point out that this marks the new era of Xtep’s individualized customization.

  To get some online market share, Xtep’s E-commerce Center holds online distributor meeting. Many experts take part in the meeting, including Mr. Zhang Yong, Tianmao President. Mr. Xiao Lihua, Vice-president of Xtep, said, “E-commerce will be one of our key future investment fields.”

  Xtep is not the first Chinese enterprise that launches DIY system. Four months before the meeting, Peak has launched IDX system. Mr. XuZhihua, Peak President, said that the idea of IDX came from the high inventory dilemma. This is also called the transition from B2C to C2B.

  Mr. Zeng Ming, an analyst from Alibaba Group, said, “C2B will change the business mode and more enterprises will adopt it. Individualized customization will be a trend.”

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