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Outdoor fitness equipment innovation

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Nowadays normal outdoor fitness equipment are widely used in domestic and international market, but people are also eager to new innovative equipment that can be introduced to the market. Developing new and innovative equipment will be the new trend for domestic manufacturer. Recently this trend focuses on intelligent and functional outdoor fitness equipment.

Intelligent outdoor fitness equipment:

1. This equipment is equipped with solar panel, light and exercise date recorder etc.

This equipment can record exercise data, including exercise duration, exercise times and calorie consumption, and it will light when sun set. Compared with normal equipment, it has more enjoyment and utility, people would like to spend more time for outdoor sports.

2. Test health condition according to height, weight and body fat rate etc.

Now some domestic factory can produce such type of equipment which can test health condition based on height, weight and body fat rate etc. It will help you understand yourself better and know to to exercise in the future.

Functional outdoor fitness equipment:

A new football trainer is introduced now, including football catching trainer, football passing trainer and football dribble trainer etc, this products will have more potential market along with China government focusing on football.

In conclusion, development and innovation will keep enterprise follow the pace of history and stand out from fierce competition.

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