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Introduction of Matchmaking System

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:26-Feb-2019Clicks:
To check exhibitor list and make appointment with exhibitors, you should first register as a visitor. Pls click here  to complete your visitor registration.
If you have already registered, pls click here  to login to visitor center.

Click Matchmaking-then click Exhibitor List to search for the exhibitors you would like to talk to. You can search by selecting a categories or the name of exhibitor or brand. The list is real-time updating, pls check from time to time.

Click   to enter the exhibitor’s schedule. 

Select a time point when you want to meet the exhibitor and click   to make an appointment.

Click My Calender, you can check your schedule for business communication.

Click My Appointment, you can check the appointment request you sent and the status. 

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