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How to Get Your Shanghai Color Code for Foreign Friend?

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:20-Aug-2020Clicks:
Article From:sohu

Shanghai Color Code is also called Sui Shen Code.
From now on, the Suishen code will expand the service coverage to the crowd, and the “Suishen” Alipay Mini Program will enable Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan people and foreigners to obtain the “Suishen Code”!
How do Hong Kong and Macao people / foreigners obtain the "Suishen Code" in the "suishen" app?

01 "Suishen" APP real-name authentication
1. On any main channel, click on the profile photo in the upper left corner to enter the personal center; click [real name authentication] to enter the authentication process;
2. "Certificate Type" select "Hong Kong and Macau Residents Pass to and from the Mainland", and enter the name and certificate number for authentication;

3. Take a photo on the real person authentication page, and compare the certificate with the photo;
4. If the comparison is successful, the real-name authentication is successful, and the account can be used simultaneously in the "all in one" portal in Shanghai. The Personal Center displays "Real name authentication succeeded".

02Three ways to obtain "suishen code"
From the "I" channel-"Hot Service" or "suishen" channel or "One Netcom Office of New Crown Pneumonia Prevention and Control Column" page, click to enter "suishen Code"

03 When entering and exiting, use the suishen code

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