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CSGF striving to become a strong practitioner of the state strategy of national fitness

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August 8, 2019 marks the 11th National Fitness Day of China and the starting point that the exhibition preparation of CSGF in a new cycle is in full swing. China Sport Show, which has been held 37 sessions, is not only a witness to the rising of major players in China’s sporting goods manufacturing with a revenue of 100 billion yuan and the rejuvenation of Chinese style in domestic sports brands, but also a strong practitioner and a promoter for the state strategy of national fitness.
Upgrading of sporting goods by standardization
China’s outdoor fitness equipment is provided for national fitness road programs and fitness projects in rural areas across the communities, townships, parks and green spaces in the country. In 2017, the regulations on outdoor fitness equipment administration were introduced, and addressed the lack of orderly management over China’s outdoor fitness equipment that is of large quantity and widely scattered. Apart from management standardization, equipment standardization is also a new demand of the national fitness program. The second generation intelligent equipment empowered by big data of fitness road program is gradually replacing the conventional equipment. The national and institutional standards promoted by CSGF and National Sport StandardizationTechnical Committee played a key role in the upgrading process.
With the support of Mass Sports Department of General Administration of Sport of China, CSGF has drafted and published a series of standardization documents on outdoor fitness equipment to promote technical progress and equipment upgrading, as well as provide guidance for customers to exercise properly.
The intelligent indoor fitness equipment technical specification and intelligent fitness venue information transmission specification which are still in the drafting process will provide assurance for running sports venue with 5G communication techniques.
Having a precise read on the industrial development
As a participator in the national standard formulating and a leader in the institutional standard formulating, CSGF needs to have  a precise read on the current status and trends of the sports industry. China Sport Show, together with its relevant events attended by over 1,500 companies, are the best platform for CSGF to gain a deeper understanding on industry development.
Chinese National Fitness Program Seminar which has been hosted six consecutive sessions, the best intelligent fitness equipment campaign which has been successfully held for three sessions, and Chinese National Fitness Equipment andFacilities Communication Event play a major part in promoting industry development in terms of policy interpretation, product standardization and giving impetus tothe market.
Integrating resources and promoting exchanges within the industry
Sports venue is an important vehicle to host national fitness events. China Sport Show Venue Forum, which focusing on the hottest topics in the industry, asks masters in the industry to share their solutions for the problems in the industrial development. The public interest sports venue seminar and training session hosted from time to time also provide support for sports venue business. The two subsidiary institutions of CSGF, i.e., the stadium committee and the stadium expert committee, have hosted more than 10 large-scale public interest seminars and training sessions over the past two years,covering themes on national fitness, sports training center, sports venue construction and upgrading, sports venue standardization and promotion, risk management and its application,large-scale sports event and sports industry development, sports venue construction and its sound operation promotion. These events provide valuable information to governments at all levels and expert consultation service on project identification, preparation, design, construction, operation, professional consultation training and scientific research. These events provide services for sporting goods companies, and promote the collaboration between the sporting goods companies and bridge governmental organs and the companies.

(Correspondent: Feng Jiajia) 
Text source: China Sports Daily

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