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Survey Finds Runners Value Sports Sponsors

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:27-Jul-2022Clicks:
Article From:SGB Media
A survey conducted by Elevent found that runners are more sponsorship savvy than the general public, including having a more positive perception of sponsors and a willingness to work with them.
Elevent, a provider of sponsorship lifecycle management software, consulting services and research, in the first quarter of 2022 surveyed 2,000 adults 18 years and older in the U.S. to determine the impact of sports sponsorship on consumers. Nearly a quarter of respondents identified as runners, and 78 percent also identified as competitive runners.
When asked to what extent they agreed or disagreed with the statement “sponsors are essential to funding” sporting events, 75 percent of runners agreed. More than half also said that “sponsors have a positive impact on the experience” and that “sponsors improve their image” by sponsoring events. However, 49 percent of runners and 55 percent of those identified as competitive runners said: “there are too many sponsors at events.”
The survey also asked about the willingness to engage with sponsors at sporting events, and roughly half of those that identify as runners responded positively, specifically:
69 percent “like the samples they hand out,”
60 percent “like trying their products,”
55 percent “like getting information about products and services,” and
46 percent “like to participate in contests to meet athletes and celebrities.”
Competitive runners said they like to participate in contests (49 percent) and tend to participate more frequently (41 percent); they are also more likely to prioritize buying a sponsor’s product (36 percent).
Competitive runners span all age groups, with the highest concentration being 18-to-44 years old (59 percent); tend to be relatively evenly split across genders (59 male/42 female); have a university degree (65 percent); and were more likely to be employed (75 percent). They are also more likely to be married (665) and make more than $100,000 a year (44 percent).
“Running events such as marathons and 5Ks should not be overlooked by brands that want to make an impact with a highly desirable, engaged fanbase,” said Francis Dumais, managing partner, Elevent.

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