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US consumers emphasise sustainability in shopping choices: Survey

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:28-Mar-2024Clicks:
Article From:fibre2fashion
Sustainability holds significant importance for American shoppers with 78 per cent of respondents deeming it a crucial factor in their purchasing decisions, according to the third annual Consumer Sustainability Survey by Blue Yonder. The survey highlights a growing trend towards eco-conscious shopping, with many willing to invest more in sustainable products and practices.
The findings indicate a strong consumer preference for retailers and products that boast sustainability, with 70 per cent of participants shopping at such retailers in the last six months. This figure remains consistent with the percentages from 2022 and 2023, showing steady consumer interest in sustainable shopping. Furthermore, nearly half of the respondents have seen their interest in shopping sustainably increase over the past year, with 40 per cent willing to pay up to 5 per cent more for sustainable products, and 25 per cent ready to pay an additional 10 per cent or more.
In terms of shipping, 83 per cent of consumers are open to delaying deliveries for incentives, highlighting a preference for greener shipping options. This willingness varies by generation, with Millennials and Gen Z showing the greatest flexibility towards delivery times and the highest concern for sustainability. However, only a minority, 23 per cent, would accept a delay of a week or more, as per a survey.

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