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European Council approves right to repair directive

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The European Council has adopted a directive promoting the repair of broken or defective goods, known as the right to repair (R2R) directive. This legislation aims to make it easier for consumers to seek repair instead of replacement, making repair services more accessible, transparent, and attractive. The adoption of this directive marks the final step in the legislative decision-making process.
The new directive enshrines a right for consumers to have defective products repaired in an easier, cheaper, and faster manner. It incentivises manufacturers to create longer-lasting, repairable products and promotes repair as an economically attractive activity capable of generating quality jobs within Europe, benefitting both economic actors and the environment, the European Council said in a press release.
Alexia Bertrand, Belgian state secretary for the budget and consumer protection, said, “The directive enshrines a new right for consumers: the right to have defective products repaired in an easier, cheaper and faster way. It also gives manufacturers the incentive to make products that last longer and can be repaired, reused and recycled. And finally, it makes repairing a more attractive economic activity that can create Europe-based quality jobs. All economic actors win, and so does the environment.”
Following the Council's approval, the legislative act has been adopted. After being signed by the President of the European Parliament and the President of the Council, the directive will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union and will come into force on the 20th day after publication. Member states will have 24 months from the entry into force to transpose the directive into national law.
This proposal, presented by the Commission on March 22, 2023, is part of the New Consumer Agenda and the Circular Economy Action Plan. It complements other recent EU legislation aimed at promoting sustainable consumption, such as the ecodesign for sustainable products regulation and the directive on empowering consumers for the green transition, which will help consumers make better-informed purchasing decisions.

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