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Nike’s GM North America Exits

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:08-Mar-2021Clicks:
Article From:SGB Media

Nike Inc. announced that Ann Hebert, vice president and general manager, North America, has departed from the company, effective today, March 1.
Hebert leaves Nike after more than 25 years with the brand. Nike said it plans to announce a new head of its North American geography shortly.
Hebert’s exit comes after a Bloomberg Businessweek cover story from last Thursday indicated that Joe Hebert, the son of Ann Hebert, had used a credit card in Ann Hebert’s name to purchase sneakers for his resell company, West Coast Streetwear. The article describes one incident of $132,000 being charged to a credit card for limited-edition sneakers. In the Bloomberg story, Hebert said he’d never received inside information from his mother.
Nike on February 27 told the Portland Business Journal that Hebert “disclosed relevant information” about West Coast Streetwear to Nike, but the business publication said Nike “declined to answer additional questions as criticism mounts about Nike’s ability to police increasingly frenzied resell activity.”

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