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Topgolf Debuts In China

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:14-Sep-2021Clicks:
Article From:SGB MEDIA

Topgolf Entertainment Group and its developer partner, Sports Entertainment Asia Ltd. (SEAL), announced its first Topgolf location in Shanghai, China. The Lounge by Topgolf will open to the public on September 14. It is the first Topgolf venue in Mainland China for the company.
SEAL also announced plans to construct its first outdoor, multi-level entertainment venue in Chengdu, China. Once completed in late 2022, it will be the largest Topgolf venue worldwide.
This global expansion into Mainland China brings Topgolf venue operations to a total of six countries, including the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Mexico, and U.A.E. (Dubai). Topgolf franchise developers also have construction efforts underway in Germany and Thailand.
“We’re thrilled to be introducing both our indoor Lounge and iconic entertainment venue experience to the people of China in partnership with our SEAL development group,” said Topgolf CEO Artie Starrs. “The SEAL team has created a stunning indoor Lounge by Topgolf experience in Shanghai and is also poised to bring a truly innovative and technology-driven outdoor venue concept to Chengdu-both of which are sure to bring the sports entertainment experience to a new level for the communities across the region.”
The Lounge By Topgolf Shanghai occupies 21,000 square feet located near Shanghai’s People’s Park. Shanghai’s People’s Square inspired its ‘East-meets-West’ theme. The Lounge can accommodate 300 people. It is one of two Lounge by Topgolf’s following its debut in January 2020 in Kirkland, WA.
SEAL will officially begin construction on Topgolf Chengdu, its first flagship sports entertainment venue, in Chengdu’s Tianfu Greenway Belt in China. The city is implementing its city-wide green belt planning, which integrates urban greenery, preservations, leisure facilities, and tourism services, of which Topgolf will be a part. The nearly 130,000-square-foot venue will be a three-floor entertainment complex with a sunken plaza. 
“Introducing the iconic Topgolf experience at our first flagship venue in Chengdu builds on the brand’s momentum as a sports entertainment leader. We are set to create unforgettable moments for consumers of all ages that over 20 million guests worldwide already experience at over 70 Topgolf venues every year – from Las Vegas to the Australian Gold Coast, and from Miami to Dubai. We are confident that the social Topgolf experience will soon also be loved by the people of Chengdu,” said Nicolas Chapin, managing director, SEAL.

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