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Asics Invests In Online Fitness Academy

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:13-Sep-2021Clicks:
Article From:SGB MEDIA

Asics Ventures, Asics’ investment arm, has made an unspecified investment in Deportare Technologies Inc., an online fitness academy for fitness trainers.
Deportare Technologies was founded by Yuma Takeshita, the founder of Deportare Club, in July 2020 to provide the online fitness academy Healthcare Catalyst College to offer fitness trainers the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of health and fitness and, upon completion, to be certified as fitness trainer specialists or “Healthcare Catalyst.”
Through its partnership with Deportare Technologies, Asics plans to strengthen its offering of fitness training services in its self-managed sports facilities, including the urban low-oxygen (hypoxia) training facility, Asics Sports Complex Tokyo Bay. Asics will provide connected fitness and data-driven diagnostic services to support customer performance.
Asics said it believes that the development of fitness trainers, who can improve consumers’ quality of life with knowledge and training methods, will help achieve its founding philosophy, “a sound mind in a sound body.”

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