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Running USA Releases Results Of 2021 Event Management Study

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:11-Nov-2021Clicks:
Article From:SGB Media Online

Running USA released the results of its 2021 Event Management Study that documents the challenging environment for event operators who are working to bring races and running festivals back to pre-pandemic participation levels.
The non-profit trade organization for the sport of road running conducted the survey of race directors in September and October of 2021.
“This study offers a snapshot into the minds of race directors as they work toward industry recovery from the pandemic,” said Dawna Stone, CEO, Running USA. “Topics like virtual events, DEI response and outlook for the industry were added to this year’s study to gain a broader perspective on the current climate for events.”
Among the top challenges for the industry, as documented by survey respondents, are growing races, the increasing cost of event production and attracting new participants.
Event expenses were documented to have increased dramatically since the last Event Management Study two years ago, with average expenses for police, marketing, traffic control, event set up and takedown, porta-potties, insurance, and signage more than doubling in cost. However, while nearly 29 percent of event operators reported reduced participation levels due to the pandemic, a majority of respondents had a positive outlook for the industry in 2022.

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