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China Sport Show 2023-Commercial Fitness Zone

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The 2023 (40th) China International Sporting Goods Show (hereinafter referred to as "China Sport Show 2023") was held from May 26-29, 2023, at the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center.
China Sport Show 2023 Commercial Fitness Zone mainly covered categories such as Commercial equipment, rehabilitation testing, club facilities, accessories, and outdoor pathways. . The number of participating enterprises reached 305, with the overall scale exceeding 18,410 square meters. In terms of expansion of participating enterprises, each section of the exhibition area added influential new enterprises, with a total of 83 new exhibitors.
It was evident at the exhibition site that,
Despite the commercial fitness equipment industry being more active and proactive in innovation and transformation than during the pandemic, the domestic fitness club market continues to be sluggish, and new channel markets, such as education, military procurement, and collective procurement, have not been fully tapped.
Under the "dual circulation" market structure, almost all enterprises have realized the importance of enhancing product competitiveness - this has also driven many small and medium-sized enterprises to begin pursuing the optimization and upgrade of product details; at the same time, large enterprises are more inclined to shift towards digital solutions and diversification of product lines.
Although the reopening after the pandemic has brought an influx of foreign clients, the overseas market has not yet fully recovered.
Overall, the Chinese commercial fitness equipment industry still has considerable potential to be tapped, especially in the post-pandemic era. The fresh blood brought by global enterprises is still needed in China's commercial fitness equipment industry. We look forward to seeing more international brands on the stage of the China Sport Show.

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