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Link upstream and downstream supply chain, China Sport Show will build a complete sports industry full-link platform

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A complete supply chain, interspersed with raw material procurement, production, warehousing, sales and distribution of various links. Each link in this "chain" is completed by different market entities such as brands, raw material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and logistics companies.

Looking back at China Sport Show 2023 held in Xiamen in May this year, there are three major trends in visitor composition:

First, the scale is large.

As the first comprehensive sports show in China, there are more than 110,000 visitors to China Sport Show 2023.

Second, the exhibition visitor is mainly composed of three parts: mass sports enthusiasts, professional visitor of commercial system and professional visitor of non-commercial system, among which, the proportion of mass sports enthusiasts is the most prominent, reflecting the "sinking" of the exhibition in the visitor target positioning, and its C-end attribute is undoubtedly revealed.

Third, from the proportion of main business, products or services of the visitor affiliated units, fitness equipment and supplies, ball games, net badminton sports and martial arts fighting, sports leisure, sports education training, medals, event management, etc.; from the visitor population and industry attribute proportion,"agents/distributors/wholesalers" visitor accounted for the highest proportion, followed by "manufacturers/brands", again "import and export trading companies."

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