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Four Highlights to Seize the China Sports Market at China Sport Show 2024

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China Sport Show 2024 promises to be a feast of surprises, skillfully integrating ingenuity in various aspects:

First, in terms of exhibition area planning and design, the Fitness Zone, Sports Venue and Construction Zone, Sports Consuming and Services Zone, and the Government & Sports Organization Zone will combine the latest market trends of their respective fields to offer a rich experience. Visitors can expect immersive visual and interactive experiences, industry insights, and networking opportunities.

Second, for promotion, China Sport Show has established an effective online communication platform. Utilizing official and government media, sports media, educational media, financial media, local media, and new media, it provides an all-encompassing view of the immediate news of China Sport Show 2024, allowing for precise and well-informed visit planning.

Third, on oncerrent events, China Sports Industry Summit anda series of sub-category forums will take place. In addition, there will be brand activities like China Sport Show "CSS AWARDS" and "CSS TRENDS", as well as " China Sport Show Intelligent Fitness Equipment Selection" and various engaging, informative, and public interactive events.

Fourth, in terms of business matchmaking, the organizing committee has created an online matchmaking system, which will conduct targeted promotion of new products before the show. Matchmaking meetings and venue tour will be held during China Sport Show, covering overseas professional buyers, sports administrative departments, and the education system.

China Sport Show 2024 will be held from May 23-26 at the Western China Expo City in Chengdu, Sichuan.

Looking forward to your arrival.

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