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Overview of China Sporting Goods Industry Summit

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  China Sporting Goods Industry Summit, sponsored by China Sports Goods Federation, was initiated in 2013. Set to be the pacesetter of the industry, it is aimed to share the industrial positioning map and develop a platform for exchange and cooperation. With two years of development and innovation, the Summit has become an important platform for collision of ideas of “big shots”, information release by authorities and discussion of hot topics.

  The Summit 2015, with the theme of “Value Creation”, will be held at Fuzhou Straits International Conference and Exhibition Center 7th-8th May, 2015.

  Amid the industrial slump in 2013, China Sporting Goods Industry Summit brought together over 20 domestic and foreign elitists in and outside the industry to discuss the strategy for development. Li-Ning, Anta and Xtep met for the first time to inject positive energy into the development of the sporting goods industry. In 2014, China Sporting Goods Industry Annual Summit, China Fitness Industry Forum and China Stadium Development Forum form the new formation of the Summit. The events brought together over 30 industry leaders and senior experts to share data, discuss core issues and explore the development path of the industry, boosting a sustainable development of the sporting goods industry in China.

  In 2015, the Summit will focus on the core principles relating to business development and review the ultimate origins of development. Government representatives, industry leaders, economists, institutional investors, and representatives from Internet companies will gather to discuss the key topics in the industry and promote its development. In addition to the three major events, a special session for Fujian will be held, targeting the development status, current trends, and the internal and external environments in sporting industry, to push forward the transformation and upgrading of the sporting goods industry in the province.

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