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【Industry Trends】Chinese Sports Brands Paid Attention to Micro Blog

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  As network economy and e-commerce developing, more and more traditional apparel and footwear companies recognized potential of micro blog marketing. Attracting attention and getting together were micro blog’s basic function, and micro blog marketing was a new platform. Many brands had opened official micro blogs, such as Septwolves, Anta, Peak, Xtep and others, which changed their sale modes by establishing network sale platforms and then attracted netizens’ attention.

  It was known that apparel and footwear companies depended on search engine before, which produced a big SEO industry help companies occupied better positions. If your company couldn’t be found by search engine, it was equivalent to that your company didn’t exist on the world. Nowadays micro blog created a new marketing circle and drew many consumers’ attention.

  How to survive in micro blog marketing had become the strategy apparel and footwear companies must learn. Some companies were still staying in exploring stage. But others had entered into the new market.

  Micro blog provided a flexible marketing platform for companies, and advertising creativity incorporated with news impressed fans; micro blog could save millions of marketing expenditure for luxury brands through aiming at potential customers with creative and practicable idea. Besides that, micro blog brought opportunity to old brands, for example, old cloth shoes used to be worn by generation after 50s and 60S were popular with generation after 80s and 90s recently.

  A huge marketing system was built on micro blog, millions of third party developers and marketers found out opportunities. Based on micro blog, they were growing quickly. Technologies like micro blog spread had not open completely, and professional apparel and footwear teams were needed.

  “A real consumer was behind every micro blog account”, which was quite attractive to apparel and footwear companies. As some pioneers achieved marketing success through micro blog, a great many middle and small companies changed their attitude and used better spread technology to promote brands. However, it was dangerous that middle and small companies used micro blog marketing with little understanding of this method and no whole strategy. Outsourcing would be a good choice when micro blog spread technologies were incompletely open. At the same time, experts provided several ways of outsourcing, such as consultant, training, partial outsourcing, complete outsourcing and others to meet different needs, among them partial outsourcing was recognized as the best mode.

  Indeed, micro blog not only brought more opportunities to apparel and footwear companies, but also challenges and better ability to marketing on micro blog. Companies should be sensitive to market and hold all new situations on micro blog marketing platform.

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