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“Sport-oriented and diversified development” venue operat

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  For quite a long time, people always believed that sports venues could only be used for staging sports events, this is because in China, the sports venues were only built for certain sports events.

  Along with the criticism on the post-games utilization of the sports venues, the operators of the venues began to realize the inherent public welfare of them, and created the road of “sport-oriented and diversified development” for the operation of the sports venues. It is most important that, at the initial stage of designing and construction of a new sports venue, the issue of post-game operation of the venue must be fully considered.

  The born of “London bowl” might give us more inspirations, not only because an desert land can be used again for sports, but also for it environmental and low-carbon idea – Britain has spent 500 million pounds for purchasing new materials, so the seats can be disassembled after the Games, from which we can see the pragmatic spirit of the British people. It also tells us that the sports venues are not necessarily the bigger the better.

  This conception has stricken an influence on the market of venue construction in China. The constructors of the main stadium for the Nanjing Olympic Youth Games, which will be inaugurated very soon, have hit upon an idea of installation of recyclable seats by taking full advantage of the building material. Removable facilities, more environmental materials and humanized design have found a favor in the eyes of the venue constructors and operators. And in the meantime, the market demand can benefit the material suppliers and manufactures. It can help to activate the market of sports venue construction and give an impetus to innovation.

  Up to now, quite a few domestic exhibitors have listed their new products onto the exhibition plan for the Stadium & Gym Facilities Zone of the 2013 China SportShow. The conception of environment protection and the material quality of their products at this Show have shown a big increase than that at the previous SportShows. The competition among the domestic suppliers and constructors of the sports venue industry is now shifted from “price” to “technique”. We have all the reason to believe that, the sports venues of this kind, after completion, not only can meet the needs of the competition events, but also can attract more people participating in fitness training, so the sports venues can be truly at the service of the people.

  (The author is the person in charge of the Stadium & Gym Facility Zone at China SportShow)

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