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Making a Green and Low-carbon Exhibition and Supporting National Brands

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  With a total area of over 9000 square meters, Outdoor Sports, Roller Skating and Cycling Equipment Zonein the Hall W2 will be divided into an exhibition area and an activity area. Up to now, nearly 200 enterprises have already registered for the exhibition, and the invitation work is progressing well, maintain the momentum of fast growth since 2010. Domestic enterprises constitute the main body of exhibitors, most of which coming from Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta Region, while the foreign exhibitors mainly come from Italy and Germany in Europe, and Argentina in South America.

  With the support of General Administration of Sport of China, CSS has become a leader in the comprehensive sports goods fairs. In respect of its position, it has become a platform for the development of domestic small and medium enterprises. In respect of external exchanges, CSS sticks to “going out” strategy, by encouraging domestic small and medium enterprises to go abroad, learn from strong points of international brands and strive to achieve common development. Many enterprises in outdoor brands have been developed, expanded and finally succeed through their participation in CSS. According to the briefing of Mr.QI Yulin, the person in charge of Outdoor sports, Roller Skating and Cycling Equipment Zone, the W2 Hall will embody the concentrated reflection of two main themes of green and low-carbon, under the “big Outdoor Life” concept. The audience will be invite to participate in interaction for learning more knowledge of outdoor life.

  With regard to roller skating, all domestic top brands have registered for participation, such as, COUGAR, SEN HAI, INTER FUN, TIAN-E etc. Most of them come from Guangdong Province and Zhejiang Province accounting for 70% of roller skating exhibitors. International brands mainly come from Italy and Germany. “As the present situation stands, domestic roller skating brands have a momentum of development. As the brands of domestic roller staking equipment have a good market in Asia, the development of roller staking will help to increase the strength of domestic brands in competition with international ones. It is our hope that, our national brands can go abroad to compete with foreign rivals. As roller skating is a sport of young people, the brand management should follow the characteristics of the teenagers in all aspects, so that it can benefit the brand development. In the world, French and Italian brands have processed advanced technology, while Chinese roller skating enterprises have the superiority in manufacturing, so Chinese products will replace brands of other countries gradually.” Mr.QI Yulin said.

  The Sports Bicycle Zone will be jointly developed by the Organizing Committee and ZGL, a brand from Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province (ZGL and Look are the two main brands of this year). Also Germany bicycle brands will participate in the exhibition. For the last two years, CSS has developed a brand new exhibition zone with a bicycle-concept, focusing display on the high technology. This year, Hall W2 will present a green and low-carbon concept. QI Yulin said, “We shall strive to promote the concept of the exhibition step by step and let all the people realize their social responsibilities in creating a green and low-carbon environment.” The direction of the future development of Bicycle Zone is to face the public. With the incorporation of the broad masses, the exhibition will help to drive the development of bicycle industry in an all-round way.

  Utilization of media resources for the outdoor sport experience is the new attempt in our exhibition operation, which is reflected by “Outdoor Technology Experience Zone”, jointly developed by CSS and The audience will mainly come from: brand distributors, athletes and club practitioners. QI said, “The professional players will be invited for demonstrations, in order to show CSS’s facet of fashion and to strengthen interaction with the distributors”.

  The number of exhibitors in Outdoor Sports, Roller Skating and Cycling Equipment Zone has shown a continuous development in recent years, from 80 exhibitors in 2009, over 100 in 2010, to nearly 200 this year, and the exhibition area is expanding. This is the outcome of the effective guidance of state policy, official organizations and trade information. “For example, the roller skating presents a region-conceptualized development tendency. The brands of Shenzhen City have certain advantage. For further development, they need a group of distributors for their products. With the improvement of people’s living standard, the high-end professional bikes which in the past, people could hardly see on the market, are now on display in the exhibition. In recent year, the outdoor industry enjoys a fast development, domestic brands are growing rapidly, and international brands are flowing into Asian Market, so the overall situation is excellent,” QI concluded.

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