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Fitness Committee Meeting Held in Beijing

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:29-Oct-2015Clicks:

  China Sporting Goods Federation Fitness Committee Meeting 2014 was held in Headquater of CSGF in Beijing 16th October, 2014. Mr. Luo Jie, Deputy General Secretary of CSGF hosted the meeting. Committee members and media patners attended the meeting. Ms. Sun Li was elected as GS of Fitness Committee.

  Mr. Luo Jie made a brief report of recent committee achievement and working plan 2015. Ms. Sun Li was nominated as General Secretary of the comittee and proposal was passed unopposed.

  Committee members made a deep discussion on organization and proposition of key topic of fitness industry forum 2015.

  On fitness industry survey and white paper, committee members presented their opions on questionnaire composition, calculation method and data comparison while giving praise and encourgement.

  After the meeting, media partner of CSGF and China Sport Show interviewed representatives from the industry leader corporations. The interviewees made some comments on new marketing model and e-business.

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