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[face to face]Ms. Guo Chao- Stadium Construction industry booming with government policy

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:29-Oct-2015Clicks:

  Ms. Guo Chao has been devoted herself into stadium construction industry for quite a few years, which makes her an expert of the industry.

  Lately, Chinese Government carried out a national plan for the development of the fast-growing sports industry, encouraging more companies in the field to go public and attract investment. Before that, a series of policy has been made including developing school football and encouraging stadium and venues to be open to public. In this context, sports industry, stadium construction industry in particular, will get a new opportunity.

  Stadium and gym facilities zone is located in Hall 10, a new hall built for China Sport Show 2015. To meet the great enthusiasm of the companies, exhibitor application started in last August. In a very short time, the 20,000 m2 hall was full.

  To give the exhibitors a better experience, to promote influence of the brands and to expand communication opportunity between exhibitors and buyers, organizer will carry out a series of new services.

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