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[face to face]Mr. Bian Binbin- Creativity and fashion

Source:China Sport ShowRelease time:29-Oct-2015Clicks:

  Mr. Bian Binbin, manager of Racket Games Equipment Zone, youngest in the team though has been working for China Sport Show as exhibition zone manager for 4 years, always shows maturity which is not consistent with his age.

  Racket Games Equipment Zone was located in Hall 6 with an area of 110,000 m2. Till end of 2014, registered area has been reached 4,500 m2. Only a few standard booth are open for sale.

  Tennis equipment was very hot in last year's China Sport Show because Wuhan where China Sport Show was held is hometown of the just retired Australian Open champion Li Na. Even quite a few badminton equipment manufacturers brought in tennis equipment production line. When talked about percentage of tennis related exhibits in the zone, Mr. Bian used the word " unpredictable". However, scale of badminton related exhibitors and exhibits are quite stable through all these years on account of the mass base in China.

  Variety of activities such as Tennis and Badminton Carnival and Racket Strung Session are always the highlight of the zone. But due to the limitation of the area, in 2015, organizer is planning to move the activities to outdoor open space.

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